BoXeR dOgS


Photo by Marcus Christensen on

BoXeR dOgS

We always have had Boxer dogs,
My husband, kids and I,
Because they’re not like lotsa dogs,
They’re different and here’s why…

Boxer dogs are funny,
They have expression in their faces.
Always watching, always waiting,
Always changing places.

Boxer dogs are childlike;
They’re clever yet they’re clueless.
They’re crazy and they’re clumsy
As guard dogs they are useless.

Boxer dogs will never fetch,
And they NEVER drop the ball.
But fling a frisbee or a stick,
You won’t see them at all.

Boxer dogs are friendly,
They’re gentle and they’re kind
And when age four; they do mature
They’re quite good dogs, we find.

They think that they are children,
But they are more – a box of frogs!
Yet we wouldn’t be without –
Our beloved Boxer dogs.


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