A Woman’s work

person looking searching clean
Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

A woman’s work is never done
I think we’d all agree,
Because we have to go to work,
And earn as well, you see.

So, when I’ve done my day job
And I’m finished, home by four.
My other job begins,
When I walk in through the door.

It’s talking to the kids,
And what to cook today?
Its washing up and drying up,
And putting it away.

There’s washing in and washing out,
Hanging on the line.
There’s folding up and ironing,
When I have the time.

It’s sandwiches and lunch boxes,
It’s time to feed the dogs.
Time to light the fire,
But first to chop the logs.

There’s vacuuming and homework help,
Lifts to here and there.
Supervising bath time,
And nit combing their hair.

There’s shopping night, club nights,
Parties and celebrations.
Birthdays, school plays,
School evening invitations.

A woman’s work is never done,
They say it and it’s true,
But it isn’t just for women –
Men and kids could do some too.


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