Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What do you call them?

Rolie-polies, Cheese logs, Peebles and Tiddy hogs,
Cheesy bugs, Chucky pigs, Pillbugs, and Gammajigs,
Billy Buttons, Gramfers, Nutbugs and Dampers,
Tick-tocks and Slaters. Crunch bats and Graters.
Ogopogos, Womble-Oggs, Doddamees and Chorley bobs,
Quogs and Rollerballs, Flumps and Peaballs.

Granny Greys, Gramfer Grigs, Penny Sows and Timber Pigs,
Jackson Walkers, Billy Bakers, Carpenters and Coffin Breakers,
Crillerbugs, Charlies, Hardybacks and Ballies.
Monkeypeas, Crawly Pigs, Deelybugs and Penny wigs
Pishamares, Pelletbugs, Slunker pigs and Doodle bugs,
Wood pigs, Wood mice, Woody-wigs and Woodlice


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