If I go first

black and white cemetery christ church
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If I go first, and leave you behind
Carry on living – one day at a time.
Remember my love, that you were the one.
Remember our laughter, remember the fun,
Think of our jokes, the games that we played
Think of our children – the home that we made.

You can cry for the life and the love that’s been taken.
But you were not left – you were never forsaken.
And don’t cry for me, for I have not gone.
In you my love, – I will always live on
You were my laughter, the light in my eyes
You were my winnings, my fortunes, my prize.

I will always be with you – through all of your travels
I will always be there, each time it unravels.
When you are sad and it all gets too much
Remember my smile, remember my touch.

But don’t give up living. You’ve got to keep going!
For what lies beyond – there is no way of knowing.
And soon time will pass. One day you will find –
I am the one who has been left behind.
But wherever you go, whatever you see.
I’ll be to you – what you are to me.


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