Is it time now?

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Is it time now? Is it time now?
Is it time for me?
I’ve washed up, I’ve cleaned up,
I’ve fed the kids their tea.

I have washed, and I have ironed
I have scoured, scrubbed and skivvied,
Hauled the hoover round the house
And prettied up the privy.

I’ve listened to four kids –
Tell me all about their day
While I’m racing rings around them,
Putting things away.

I have helped them with their homework,
I have fed the dog and cat.
Oh my God, truth be told,
I’ve done much more than that.

I’ve mowed both of the gardens,
I have been to B&Q.
I have finished off the tiling,
And done the food shop too.

I have answered many questions,
I have made a thousand choices.
I have had a trillion thoughts,
I have heard a hundred voices.

But now the evening’s over
And it’s quiet as can be,
I know there isn’t time now –
There isn’t time for me.


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