School Leavers


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It’s finally come; our last Primary day,
We’re flying the nest; we’re off and away!
Full steam on life’s journey for adventures anew.
It’s ‘Hello’ to Secondary, and new teachers too.

We’ve grown up so fast, we’re ready to fly,
Our futures are looming; there’s all sorts to try.
We’ve dreams to be dreaming and lessons to learn,
Fun to be finding and fortunes to earn.

We’ve a baseline to guide us and we’re on the right path
We’ve learnt a fair bit and we’ve had a good laugh
We’ve had a good start and made friendships to last,
Our future’s before us, the present now passed.

And, will it be easy? Yes, there are times when it will.
Times when we’re soaring and flying… Until,
Crash! We have bumped right down to rock bottom.
And life’s evil and mean, and we’re nasty and rotten!

Times when we’re moody, frustrated, upset.
A time to remember, we can’t do it… Yet!
There’ll be times when we’re up, and we’re living and loving,
And times when we’re down and we’re kicking and shoving!

Times when we’re happy and times when we’re sad,
Times when we’re bonkers and driving you mad!
And we’ll gather good fortune, we may suffer strife,
But we’re all on a journey; – The journey of life.

But whatever we do, and wherever we go,
There’s one thing for certain, one thing you should know;
Whatever we face, the things we’ll go through.
We’ll always be children – children to you.



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